On Campus at Penn State Berks

Penn State Berks is a mission field.  I truly appreciate the work of Benson Hines in helping many people to see that college campuses are much like tribes on foreign mission fields.  Each tribes has its own culture, history, language and so on.  Our purpose is for people to know Jesus Christ as Lord and … Continue reading On Campus at Penn State Berks


Weekly Word – Costly Grace

This semester at CSF we are going through Matthew's telling of the story of Jesus. Last night we spoke about how we are liberated from the bondage of sin so that we are enabled to live, by the strength of the Holy Spirit, lives of radical, counter-cultural discipleship. Studies have shown that the religion of … Continue reading Weekly Word – Costly Grace

Weekly Word – Matthew’s Genealogy – Judah

Last night at CSF we talked about the family tree (the genealogy) of Jesus that Matthew begins his story with (1:1-17).  Many Jews wrote genealogies in their histories but Matthew is unique in including four women.  Even more amazing, rather than including some of the great women from the Old Testament (Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel), he … Continue reading Weekly Word – Matthew’s Genealogy – Judah