What Should I do with Santa Claus?

In May my wife is due to give birth to our first child.  I am both excited and terrified to be a father.  In the midst of all the doctor's appointments, searching for cribs and other necessities, and reading books about parenting I have been thinking about what to do with Santa Claus?  Maybe this … Continue reading What Should I do with Santa Claus?


Recent Reads – Articles

Students have headed home for the holidays, not to return for three weeks!  As always, I will spend this time in study and preparation for the coming semester.  As part of that study, I may spend a lot of time reading the work of the professors listed as the "Top 40 Blogs by Theology Professors." … Continue reading Recent Reads – Articles

Six Megathemes from Barna…and Campus Ministry

Summing up their research in 2010, the Barna group finds six "megathemes".  I will list each one below with a few thoughts from my perspective as a campus minister on a secular university campus. 1.  The Christian Church is Becoming Less Theologically Literate What used to be basic, universally-known truths about Christianity are now unknown … Continue reading Six Megathemes from Barna…and Campus Ministry

Recent Reads

Here are a few recent online articles that I found thought-provoking, interesting and fun:   Today in the New York Times Ross Douthat talks about how the "culture war" is changing. Interestingly, as it pertains to campus ministry, this change has partly come about as evangelical Christians have become better educated over the last decades … Continue reading Recent Reads