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I found Albert Mohler making a good point here: "News of the “house of horrors” in Pennsylvania brings prompt moral outrage, and understandably so. But is the abortion clinic on the corner, established for the purpose of killing unborn children, any less a house of horrors. The couple in Australia openly admitted aborting their twin … Continue reading Recent Reads


Almost Christian 1

You have got to love a book that starts like this: "Here is the gist of what you are about to read: American young people are, theoretically, fine with religious faith - but it does not concern them very much, and it is not durable enough to survive long after they graduate from high school" … Continue reading Almost Christian 1

Weekly Word – Persecution, stumbling blocks, spiritual death and us

(Every week, give or take, I send out a brief email to the students with some thoughts from Scripture and I offer it here also in case it may encourage anyone else who comes across it) Last evening we studied Matthew 18:1-14.  When Jesus tells his disciples to have faith like a child, he is … Continue reading Weekly Word – Persecution, stumbling blocks, spiritual death and us

Recent Reads

It seems the Amazon Kindle put Barnes & Noble and Borders on the ropes...and only Barnes & Noble has recovered.  This would be sad, as I really like Borders.  It seems they might end up just joining forces. This is just plain cool: the Internet in 2010!  There are 152 million  blogs, holy cow!  I … Continue reading Recent Reads