Almost Christian 7 – Going Viral for Jesus

Drew Dyck writes the following in his article "The Red Bull Gospel: Over the past year I've conducted dozens of interviews with 20-somethings who have walked away from their Christian faith. Among the most surprising findings was this: nearly all of these "leavers" reported having positive experiences in youth group. I recall my conversation with … Continue reading Almost Christian 7 – Going Viral for Jesus


Recent Reads

My Kindle is getting a workout as Junia sleeps a lot, like many newborns.  I enjoy holding her in one arm, and reading the Kindle in my other.  There are loads of free books available on the Kindle, old books that are now public domain.  The Kindle is perfect to hold in one hand, while … Continue reading Recent Reads

Recent Reads

I have now been a father for 11 days!  Yet, I have found some time to read!  Actually, holding baby Junia in one arm and a book in the other is quickly becoming my favorite thing. Some of these articles are quite old, I bookmarked them before Junia arrived. Do Christianity and Capitalism Clash? - … Continue reading Recent Reads