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This is a crazy story about a pitcher for the Texas Rangers who unknowingly took part in an elaborate human trafficking scheme. This is a sad story: millions of girls lost to selective abortions in India.  As technology is able to show us the gender of babies sooner and sooner, I wonder how advocates of … Continue reading Recent Reads


Learning from Calvin and Tolstoy

One of my favorite things about working in campus ministry is that our little community here on PSU Berks brings together students from diverse backgrounds, all who desire to know Jesus and make him known.  We have Christians from numerous backgrounds gathering together each year: Pentecostal, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Catholic and so on. What holds … Continue reading Learning from Calvin and Tolstoy

Almost Christian 8- Hanging Loose: The Art of Detachment

"The soul needs amazement, the repeated liberation from customs, viewpoints, and convictions, which, like layers of fat that make us untouchable and insensitive, accumulate around us. What appears obvious is that we need to be touched by the spirit of life and that without amazement and enthusiasm nothing new can begin" - Dorothy Soelle   … Continue reading Almost Christian 8- Hanging Loose: The Art of Detachment

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College is Worth the Time (and Money): "So here's the key takeaway: Education gives you choices. Assuming you don't pile up mountains of debt that constrain your career options (and that outcome is avoidable) or go to a school where just fogging a mirror is good enough to get a diploma, there are not a … Continue reading Recent Reads