A Week With the Unholy Trinity

Don't let the title fool you, this post has nothing to do with God.  It has everything to do with dogs! Emily and I have been dog-sitting for my sister and brother-in-law this week while they are on vacation.  Three dogs, two adult humans and one baby human in a place I like to call, … Continue reading A Week With the Unholy Trinity


The Best…and the Worst? Is there a connection?

Two articles in the local paper caught my eye today. Newspaper Ranks Wyomissing Best High School in PA. This is where I live so I am encouraged about my daughter's future education.  Of course, by the time she gets there who knows how much things will have changed.  It is also interesting that the BEST … Continue reading The Best…and the Worst? Is there a connection?

College-Aged Millennials – You Lost Me!

The Public Research Institute recently released their study titled "A Generation in Transition: Religion, Values and Politics among College-Aged Millennials" It is filled with interesting findings for campus ministers, or anyone who is connected with, college students. *They are generally independent but lean towards the Democratic party. *There is a move towards no affiliation with … Continue reading College-Aged Millennials – You Lost Me!

All is Grace

Sometimes I get tired of being a Christian, let alone a pastor. I struggle with doubt: Is God really there or when I pray am I just talking to myself? I struggle with cynicism: American Christianity is really arguing about ______?  Really!? I struggle with feelings of inadequacy: If only I was as talented/gifted/intelligent/personable/etc. as … Continue reading All is Grace