CSF Berks Monthly Updates

September 2017 – Cookouts, Ice Cream and Welcoming New People

(Okay, so I missed a few years of updates…)

January 2014 – “A Sometimes Meandering Story of How Students Grow Closer to Jesus While in College…

December 2013 – “Doctor Who and Discipleship”

November 2013 – “The Beauty of Silence”

October 2013 – “Getting Off on the Right Foot is only the Beginning”

September 2013 – “Care Packages, Kickball and Ice Cream”

August 2013 – “Reflections on Camp Noah in Newtown, CT”

July 2013 – “Next Week – Day Camp in Newtown, CT”

April, 2013 – “The Quick as Lightening Grind of April”

February 2013 – “Ideas Start from the Ground Up”

January 2013 – “Looking Ahead to 2013”

November 2012 – “CSF Fall Retreat”

August 2012 – “Another Year Begins”

July 2012 – “Reflections on a Memorable Week”


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