Why I Chose to Give Up Twitter and Save My Soul

Most days my mornings beginning roughly the same: I get up, make the kids their breakfast and then sit down to drink my coffee while reading the news.  My interaction with the news is not through a physical paper but is filtered through the News and Twitter apps on my phone.  Because of this, my … Continue reading Why I Chose to Give Up Twitter and Save My Soul


Alcohol and Assault

Yesterday I came across this article by Emily Yoffe on Slate - "College Women: Stop Getting Drunk."  Yoffe writes on how drunk women on college campuses are much more susceptible to male, often sober, sexual predators.  She is clear that she is not blaming women, assault is the man's fault.  But choosing not to get … Continue reading Alcohol and Assault

But Complaining About Pointless Stuff is Our Thing!

In my home county of Lancaster, PA an atheist has filed a complaint over a restaurant's Sunday promotion.  The restaurant's crime: in order to drum up business on Sundays they offered a discount coupon to anyone who presented a bulletin from a church. Oh the horror! John Wolff, who is an atheist, filed the complaint … Continue reading But Complaining About Pointless Stuff is Our Thing!

Recent Reads

Campus Crusade for Christ is changing their name to Cru.  Imagine if the original crusaders had thought of that kind of thing! Should the US legalize polygamy? Christianity Today interviews the founder of Wired magazine, pretty cool. Beware the rules Christians advocate for that take away the rights of other religions to worship, for these … Continue reading Recent Reads